Prayer Over Practice

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Effectiveness in any sphere requires hard work, intentionality and preparation. Whenever we lead worship or as a musician play for a worship service we need to ask ourselves, how are we preparing both spiritually and practically? Often we tend to gravitate toward one of two extremes. 

The first extreme is to invest all of our time preparing musically and neglecting the spiritual. Often times we expend all of our energy learning the music for a particular Sunday morning; memorizing every part and nuance so that we play flawlessly. While it is important to play excellently, a complete focus on the practical and a negligence of the spiritual can create an attitude of self-reliance.

The second extreme is failing to practice and relying solely on prayer and the grace of God. This tendency can cause sloppy musicianship and lots of mistakes, which is incredibly distracting. When we forget lyrics and play the wrong notes, we are doing a disservice to the people that God has entrusted us to lead into worship.

As we grow, we need to strive to be people who value both the spiritual and the practical. I believe that we would see greater return in our corporate worship if we spent ample time seeking God passionately for our church and worship community, as well as in our musical and practical preparation.

I challenge you to be intentional in both of these areas. I believe that as we begin to discipline ourselves that we will begin to see a shift in our worship. Not only will we be creating music that is excellent and creative but also we will be creating something of substance that points people to Christ. This is the type of music that I want to create.

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